About Yukon's Conservatives

The Yukon's Electoral District Association

Our Electoral District Association (EDA) brings together Yukon's Conservatives to work towards a single goal: electing a Conservative Member of Parliament to represent us in Ottawa.

Our team is made up of hard-working Yukoners who volunteer their time to fundraise, campaign and select the Conservative candidate for federal elections.

We are always open to hearing from Yukoners and warmly welcome anyone interested in getting involved.


Our riding - The Yukon

Located in the northwestern corder of Canada, the Yukon borders on Alaska, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. The electoral riding covers the whole of the Yukon and we are represented by a single Member of Parliament in Ottawa.

We are a large, unique riding of untouched wilderness and stunning vistas, with the modern services and infrastructure to support thriving resource and tourism economies.

The Yukon's vibrant history stretches back to the original people who arrived during the last Ice Age. Many newcomers made their way here during the Klondike Gold Rush. Today, immigration from Canada and the rest of the world has grown our population to around 40,000.

The Yukon's 14 communities and capital, the City of Whitehorse, support a range of lifestyles. From off-grid to urban, independent-spirited Yukoners are proud to call the Yukon home.