Buying Votes with our Children's Money

March 21, 2019

In 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected on a promise to run three years of small deficits and balance the budget in 2019.

We all know the first part of that promise was cast aside and forgotten with the release of successive deficit budgets that were double what he promised, and with the release of the 2019/20 budget he has now broken the latter part.

This is just the latest failure to join a long list of Liberal broken promises, along with electoral reform and running an open and accountable Prime Minister’s Office.

And most concerning is there's no end in sight to the Liberals’ spending, with no plan to return to surplus in the foreseeable future.

You or I can’t manage our own money so carelessly; we have to live within our means.

Average Canadians couldn't keep charging more to their credit cards than they pay down year after year and ever be able to pay off the debt themselves, their kids would get stuck with the bill.

And yet this is how the Liberals are spending your tax dollars, which also happens to be your money.

But then again, Trudeau or Finance Minister Bill Morneau aren’t exactly your average Canadians, both having lived lives of wealth and privilege beyond the wildest dreams of most of us.

The worst part though, with this year’s fast and loose election year budget that attempts to pander to various target voter demographics from millennials to seniors, is that they aren’t just trying to buy your vote with your own money, they are trying to buy it with your children’s.

Jonas J. Smith
2019 Candidate - Yukon
Conservative Party of Canada