Silent Larry Bagnell Still Supports Trudeau Through Yet Another Scandal

August 27, 2020

In normal times, many people pay only passing attention to politics.

But these are not normal times.

Politicians themselves, if even acknowledged by your average taxpayer, are most often criticized for failing to take a firm position on an issue.

But in today’s world of increasing polarization, fueled by our insatiable twenty-first century lust for more “info-tainment” in 280 characters or less, we demand our politicians take an over-simplified, binary position no matter how complex the issue; ultimately compelling people to agree or disagree – usually strongly.

Take U.S. President Donald Trump for example: love him or hate him, chances are you have an opinion about him.

His supporters zealously maintain that he selflessly puts the wellbeing of his country and its citizens first, while his critics argue he’s an egotistical pawn of foreign or corporate interests.

Even when his devotees are presented with a long list of his failings, they simply shrug and concede that while he may miss the mark occasionally, they still believe he is moving their country in the right direction.

“Occasionally?!?” his detractors incredulously ask.

Newton’s second law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so what – or whom – is the Yin to President Trump’s and his supporters’ Yang?

Enter Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his followers.

Multiple instances of blackface.

Multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against him and his caucus members.

Multiple conflict of interest and ethical breaches – both ongoing investigations as well as rulings where they were found guilty of violating legislation.

And the corruption revealed by both the SNC Lavalin and WE Charity scandals is likely only the tip of the Liberal-cronyism iceberg.

So, while many Canadians may still share similar, liberal leanings, who in good conscious still trusts Justin Trudeau and his minority Liberal government?

Apparently, Yukon’s Member of Parliament Larry Bagnell for one.

In the midst of civilization’s greatest health, economic and social crisis in generations, and in a world where headlines declare “silence is complicity,” Mr. Bagnell’s conspicuous quiet is deafening.

Does he support Trudeau’s prorogation of Parliament – a blatant attempt to minimize damage caused by the WE scandal – despite the fact that they both campaigned in 2015 not to do so to “avoid difficult political circumstances?”

If past behavior is the best indicator of future, remember that Mr. Bagnell stood applauding in the front row, literally leading the standing ovation for Trudeau when he announced the firing of Canada’s first female Indigenous Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, last year.

Partisan apologists will no doubt shamelessly come to their hero’s defense, drudging up some bygone sin of another politician from the aged pages of history to try to deflect criticism, but will ultimately fail to address their party and their leader’s own shortcomings, thereby revealing their complicity in the process.

Most reasonable voters will see through this desperate charade however and look for an alternative when they next visit the ballot box, which by the recent rumblings emanating from Ottawa, may come sooner than later.