Liberals downplay Breaking of Law

August 30, 2019

Liberals downplay Breaking of Law


Despite the many desperate attempts by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to change the channel and avoid accountability with regard to the SNC Lavalin affair, Canadians have not been distracted.


Justin Trudeau is the first Canadian Prime Minister in history to be found guilty of breaking the law. Not just once, but twice with the recent release of the Ethics Commissioner’s report.


The gravity of this cannot be overemphasized. The rule of law is the cornerstone on which our very democracy rests. Without the law, the Canada that so many of our veterans have fought and died for would fail, and corruption would reign.


Furthermore, what kind of message is the Liberal dismissal of Canadian law sending to our children and youth? "If the Prime Minister can break the law, why can't we?"


Canadians expect and deserve leaders who lead by example. Those not bothered by Trudeau’s blatant flaunting of the law typically fall into one of two categories: those who think politicians of all stripes are crooked; or, those who think that the law simply doesn’t apply to their favoured political party. In either event, where does this leave Yukon’s Member of Parliament Larry Bagnell?


I have read the Ethics Commissioner’s report, all 63 pages. Has he? If he had, then he would have little choice but to agree with its damning revelations about the Liberal party and how Liberal MPs conduct themselves.


But this isn’t the first time Mr. Bagnell has blindly chosen party loyalty over Yukoners’ best interests. Whether supporting the Prime Minister through multiple scandals, applauding the removal of Canada’s first Indigenous female Justice Minister and Attorney General, failing to show up to vote and represent law-abiding Yukon firearms owners, or standing up against a carbon tax that will make absolutely every necessity of northern life more expensive but do nothing to help the environment, at least our current Liberal MP is consistent.


He is only here to follow Ottawa’s orders in the Yukon. This October, the Yukon needs more than someone who puts on a good show at public events: we need someone who will stand up for Yukoners in Ottawa.


Jonas J. Smith

2019 Candidate - Yukon

Conservative Party of Canada